That Day….

September 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

September 11th 2001…..

That day I was 20

That day I went to work like normal.

That day instead of listening to the radio like normal I played a tape (I had a really old car).

That day I walked into work not knowing

That, that day I would never forget.


That day my parents went to work across the street from the World Trade Center.

That day my parents decided not to go vote before getting to work

That day they traveled through the WTC buildings to get to work.

That day my mom decided not to go back upstairs to work when they gave the all clear sign after the plane hit the first building.

That day when the WTC buildings fell down it crashed into my moms building.

That day she could have died.


That day my Dad left his building not knowing where my mom was

That day my Dad walked through all of North New Jersey.

That day my mom walked to the Staten Island Ferry

That day when the buildings fell, the cloud missed my dad but engulfed my mom.

That day my mom saved someones life.

That day my Dad kept his boss safe and calm.


That day I left work not knowing if my parents were alive.

That day my strong calm grandmother called me hysterical crying.

That day was the first day I heard her cry.

That day I picked up my brother from school wondering if I had to raise him myself.

That day my uncle woke up late. If not he would have been one of the first to arrive.

That day I met up with him and he calmed me down.


That day my mom came home, covered head to toe in soot.

That day was the first time I heard my mom scream, hysterical crying at what she saw. I will not repeat.

That day we wondered where my father was.

That day when my father came home, it was 7 o’clock at night.


That day I will never forget.

That day I will always carry with me. I will always be sad on that day.


That day my friend said goodbye to his wife and kids on a regular day to work.

That day he traveled up to the 102nd floor of one of the WTC buildings.

That day my friend would lose his life.


That day another friend of mine woke up 30mins too late for her job at the top of one of the WTC buildings

That day when she got to work the first building fell

That day God spared her


That day are many stories.

That day I will always remember theirs.


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