My Deep Dark Addiction…

August 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

Oh it is a sad day indeed here at the Zoo household.

My deep dark obsession to all things caffeinated must come to an end.

I realized today that my body can no longer take it. It sets off my anxiety issues.

But lemme tell you how deep my obsession really is.

When I told my husband I loved him (for the first time), I said it like this:

I love you almost as much as I love chocolate.

And I really meant it…then. Now? I’m not sure.

I mean we have been married for 5 yrs. The honeymoon is definitely over.

Anyhow, back to what I was saying.

So long dark dark chocolate (the only and best type of chocolate there is)

So long Venti Soy Extra Caramel Caramel Macchiato

So long…wait those are the only caffeinated things that I care about.

Pardon me while we endure a moment of silence.

———- Shoo…enough of that. I’m gonna have decaf ….

I know it ain’t the same…but something is something right?



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