Motherhood is….

August 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

………sometimes having to let them cry.

Crying to drive me insane

Crying is my trigger. I hate when my kids cry.

I immediately think: please shh…your gonna wake up _______ (whoever is asleep at the time). see? I have issues…I dont even think: Whats wrong. I think…you’re gonna wake the other up. How wrong is that? Well…I kinda do think whats wrong when dealing with Diva. with monkey I’m like pssshhh….be quiet. Ok not really. Man I am such a mess right now.

My usual trigger starter is Diva. See…she only cries at night. Like 1am night.

Ugh…and its murder. She has woken up Monkey man once (maybe twice) and I just worry that she will do it again. And by the way – monkey has a radio on … and its freakin loud.

Thats how loud my daughter is.

Now, Monkeyman does some major damage too. Like the above picture.

This kid has this heart wrenching cry – and hes a spoiled brat.

so sometimes i hafta let him cry.

But I hate it. So I usually give in to him….hence the spoiled brattiness of him.

How am I supposed to deal though? Put him in his crib until he calms down?

Lock myself in the bathroom?

Wait….I like that one. Lock myself in the bathroom. too bad I cant (see? I aint that crazy)

But seriously… when will all this madness end?

When will my kids stop trying to drive me crazy??



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