My Rainy Day Letter

August 24, 2011 § 7 Comments

So I just got diagnosed right?

Well, Yael from PPD to Joy gave me this tip – write a Rainy Day letter. 

Ya know…for those bad days. Cause they are gonna come.

Well, today was a good day – so here is my letter.


Dear Me:

You are unbelievably awesome. Don’t you forget that. Now, I know you are going through a bad day right now – remember setbacks are normal! You are not a failure because you can’t handle Thing 1 & 2’s screams.

You are human. These bad days are gonna come, but remember there will be good days.

And those good days? They will become more and more. They will be the regular. You will be writing again. You will be smiling, just cause, again. You will be you. I swear.

Just remember these three things: One – These pills you are taking? While they are very helpful – ain’t the cure all. Know what that means? you are gonna cry. Yup. Sorry. I know how you hate crying – but crying is a good thing. It means you are letting go. It also means – there will still be times where you hate your life. Where you think the things you are doing mean nothing. Lemme tell you somesing chica – Your life? means a lot. To thing 1 & thing 2. You are making a difference in the world – through those two little people. Believe me – its true cause I am saying it girlie.

Two – Ask for help. Girl you are not supermom! You ain’t perfect! Its okay to say: I can’t do this! Don’t look at the other moms and wonder how they do it. Look to yourself. And believe you me my friend, they aren’t perfect either.

If you cant handle the two during the day – call your mom for some time off. If you cant handle Thing 2’s cries at 1am – pass her off to Mr. Man. Its okay.

It does not mean you are a bad mom! It means you’re tired, stressed and tired. Yes, I know I said it twice – but come on now…you know thats how tired you are.

Three – No man is an island. Reach out to the Lord, talk to your friends. Don’t shut people out. I mean – ya, there are people you need to ignore because of their stupidity; but there are tons more who are there to help. Those negative people? No matter the fact that they are family, you need to not tell them everything! They are just gonna bring you down with their judgmental attitudes. Sad to say but true.

Post-Partum depression is not a death sentence. Its a temporary sentence….it just means you need a little bit of help…for a period of time.

By God’s grace you will get through this – you will see brighter days ahead.

I love you – ya crazy chica



Yael Saar lost her mother to postpartum depression when she was 6.Years later, when she had kids, guess what? Yael struggled with PPD as well. She survived it and became a silly-side-up mama on a mission: to disarm postpartum depression and anxiety by removing guilt and shame from parenting. Yael shares her story (with coping skills on top) at She is @yaelsaar on twitter and on facebook.
Yael hosts a monthly ppd support phone chat called the PPD SpeakEasy. It is free, confidential, and loving. This chat happens on the 2nd tuesday of each month at 8:30pm Eastern. In September, to celebrate her birthday, Yael will be holding 3 SpeakEasy chats. For more info and dates click here:









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